Tixza Online Ticket Booking Engine


Our team is your team. We are dedicated to improving your customer’s experience. For less than the cost of a developer, we’ll help build your system integration and ensure its success.

Why Tixza

  • Easy to use Graphical Interface

    Tixza is user friendly and easy to use with any website, allowing teams to be updated and running movies in no time.

  • Single point of control

    Tixza is like the back bone for the cinema business user’s. Cinema user’s will have control and access over their work from single place. We will be able to efficiently handle scheduling, pricing, seating, theatre configuration, and promotions and discounts,separately define pricing and ticket availability from single place.

  • Handle Multiple Agents

    No matter how your customers choose their agents Tixza provides full visibility of your funds.

  • Device independant

    Support on any device such as mobile, tablet, laptop etc.

  • Shared inventory among agents

    Dynamic resource allocation/delloaction for online/offline bookings

  • Booking and Transaction reports

    Tixza provides clear view for the cinema user’s regarding their booking status through multiple charts. Reports are generated for booking, transaction, cancel shows.


It's our mission to help our customers grow. Expand your business by deploying innovative technology solutions for Discovery, Reservation, Loyalty, Tablet, Payment, Analytics and much more.

Making Things Easy

  • Tixza is a Hard Worker in Cinema Business

      Tixza is able to efficiently handle scheduling, pricing, seating, theatre configuration, and promotions and discounts.
      Tixza being the centralized theatre dont have to contact different agents individually.
      Cinema User's can have inventory and generate reports from the single place(Tixza) and also user's can manage payment/transaction related information of multiple agents from Tixza.
      Hence Tixza being hard worker makes our work easy.
  • Makes the work Easy and Smooth for Cinema Management

      Tixza is easy to understand and also easily adaptable as it is user friendly.
      Operator does not require any technical skills, anyone can learn quickly and use them.
  • Handle Multiple Agents

      Tixza have the ability to manage different agents(BookOnFly, BookMyShow, Ask4Ticket etc) with respect to their bookings done as per the agents.
      Cinema User's get reports for agents total booked tickets along with their amounts.
  • Device independent

      Tixza is independent with respect to OS, processor, browser version, system integration, POS,software language.
      Integration of Tixza API's along the website works independently among devices.
  • Sell Tickets on multiple third party websites without hassle

      Tixza Api’s are too easy to integrate with websites making easy to handle for cinema user’s and thus can sell their tickets.
  • Easy handling

      Dynamic Pricing
      Dynamic seats allocation/dellocation
      Shared inventory among multiple platforms
  • Generic easy to integrate APIs

      APIs hosted on cloud makes easy to handle and integrate with other software.

Key Benefits

  • Online booking through mobile apps and website

  • Full inventory control of Cinema owner

  • Increased sales

  • Quick decision making

  • Single point for managing multiple agents

  • Easier interactions leads to better relationships and more business

  • All APIs can be integrated within 4-6 hours of time

  • Wide audience of all agents

  • Easy to integrate by agents

  • Secure, Reliable, Scalable

  • No effect in current operations

  • APIs can create increased market visibility with minimal effort


Middle Man between agents and cinemas

Tixza being a middle man for cinema user’s, makes easiness for them by efficiently handle scheduling, pricing, seating, theatre configuration, agents total booked tickets along with their amounts and have minimal communication with agents.

Makes the work Easy and Smooth for Cinema Management

Tixza can be managed and configured from a central location and deploy the business processes across your cinema. No need of technical skills, anyone can learn quickly and easily adaptable.

Easy integration through independent REST APIs

Integration of Tixza API along the website works independently among devices.

Immediate Online-Offline inventory shifting

One time Inventory shifting for both online and offline.

Real-Time statistics

Cinema User's get clear crystal reports of bookings done along with their funds, profit gained.

Continuous booking status display of online inventory of all agents.

Tixza APIs

Opening the door to endless possibilities

REST APIs are a tool for developers that permits endless possibilities for more powerful platforms and integrations.

Now it’s simpler than ever to evaluate and offer the best technologies to improve experiences and increase revenues. It's easy to get started with the Tixza.

Remove hurdles with Tixza

Theatres increasingly use technology to maximize opportunities with their clientele. Often challenges are encountered during implementation of these technologies causing wasted resources, time and money.

Tixza removes these hurdles.

Secure, Scalable and Easy to Manage

Once installed, you'll have a set of API tools for easy integration and management.

Using REST API Development team can scale the product easily, APIs are secure and reliable for the system.

Theatre App and Analytics Platform

Tixza integrates with various systems via API. The functionality and data model is normalized across multiple systems, so you only have to integrate once.

Rest APIs

REST is any interface between systems using HTTP to obtain data and generate operations on those data in all possible formats, such as XML and JSON. This is an increasingly popular alternative to other standard data exchange protocols such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), which have a high capacity but are also very complex.

Uniform interface

Easier to obtain a uniform interface that systematizes the process with the information

Activate new technologies

One partner, one integration, many opportunities Drive revenues with new technologies

Real time analytics

API enables you to request real time data

Complex problem with simple solution

Enable a single integration through our API to facilitate connections to current and future systems

Easy Integration

APIs allow content to be embedded from any site or application more easily. This guarantees more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience

Quick installations

Rapidly test and evaluate new technologies with the Tixza API installed on the system

tons of features

REST is the most logical, efficient and widespread standard in the creation of APIs for Internet services.

  • Indipendent of Language or platform

      APIs are compatible with any Language and any Platform
  • Personalization

      Through APIs any user or company can customize the content and services that they use the most.
  • Easy Adaptation

      Needs change over time and APIs help to anticipate changes. In short, APIs make service provision more flexible
  • Lightweight

      REST services are lightweight and fast in comparison of SOAP
  • Cloud Based Access

      Services or resources made available on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing servers

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